Membership Categories

Core Business Members

Industry: For-profit companies engaged in research or those that provide products/services within the biosciences industry. The yearly dues for industry members is based on the number of US employees of the company. 

Associate: For-profit companies that provide services to the biosciences industry (e.g. consulting, accounting, legal, communications, marketing, professional staffing, or other services). The yearly dues for associate member companies is based on the number of Kansas and Kansas City area employees of the company.


Academic Institution 

Teaching: Educational institution whose primary focus is teaching. The yearly dues for academic teaching member institutions are based on the annual FTE (full-time equivalent) student enrollment.         

Research: Research institutions who, in addition to teaching, also receive significant funding dedicated to research. The yearly dues for each member institution is based on federal life sciences expenditures.


Not-for-Profit & Government Agency 

Any 501c entity or government agency. The yearly dues for this member category is based on the annual budget for each entity or agency.



Any individual hospital is welcome to become a member of BioKansas due to their essential role in advancing and applying bioscience. 

Membership benefits include:

    • Access to broad regional and national networks of individuals advancing the bioscience sector
    • Unified voice for policy and advocacy efforts at state and national levels
    • Community centered events that provide information, networking, and recruitment opportunities
    • Access to discounted laboratory equipment and supplies, professional services, and more
    • Discounted professional development programs for employees and students