Member institutions are provided the opportunity to schedule 3 programs a year either virtually or in-person for their students and postdocs to attend at no cost. Program offerings are also available to any non-member organization for a small fee.

BioKansas hosts monthly professional development webinar offerings that students and postdocs from member institutions can attend at no cost. Non-member students and postdocs can register for these webinars at a cost of $15-$25 per session.

All workshops can be tailored for the career level of the audience and length of time requested.

Career Success: Building professional skills for diverse career paths

This workshop begins by presenting data on in-demand professional skills in bioscience fields and why these skills are critical for career success and advancement. Participants discuss ways to demonstrate these skills in resumes and interviews. They assess their current professional skills and identify opportunities to gain additional experience.

Career Success: Science communication skills for career advancement

This session familiarizes participants with data on communication skills various organizations seek and assists them in understanding the specific values of effective communication skills for success in diverse careers, career transitions, and advancement. This session also covers how to build and demonstrate effective communication skills.

Career Success: Delivering your message through effective data visualization

This workshop covers the importance of effective data visualization, how to choose the right chart for a data type, and best practices for designing charts and tables, including the use of color and chart elements. Participants will work to improve an existing graph or visual and receive tools for creating and improving data visuals.

Career Success: Improving productivity and managing time

In this session, participants learn about time management methods, strategies on how to prioritize and organize tasks, and how to set and achieve professional goals.

Career Success: Utilizing individual development plans for career exploration and preparation

For this workshop, participants complete an individual development plan prior to attending. In the workshop, participants clarify and identify professional goals based on their skills, values, and interests. They learn strategies for goal setting as well as identify systems for tracking progress towards those goals.

Career Success: Writing a manuscript

In this session, participants learn about how to structure the various parts of a scientific manuscript for a specific audience. Participants then work through revising a piece of their writing.

Career Success: Managing the writing process

In this session, participants learn about the necessary considerations and organization needed to manage a scientific writing project, including authorship and ethics, and discuss strategies for creating an effective writing timeline.