Leaders in bioscience

Leaders in Bioscience are alumni of the BioKansas cohorts of the Wolf Prairie Real-Life Leadership Program for Life Science Leaders. Since leadership roles can be isolating, this group provides a sustained source of advice and peer support for participants who’ve graduated from the program. One of the primary benefits of being a Leader in Bioscience include the opportunity to participate in informal monthly discussion sessions and the opportunity to hear from local guest speakers in the bioscience community. This group also provides an organic way to build local mentoring networks that evolve as managers and supervisors advance through their careers.

Meet BioKansas’ current Leaders in Bioscience (Coming soon!)

Additional benefits of being a Leader in Bioscience:

    • Recognition at BioKansas events
    • Opportunities to join committees and working groups
    • Inclusion of personal profile on the Leaders in Bioscience webpage  
    • Exclusive invitation to monthly leadership roundtable events, which includes the opportunity to hear from distinguished leaders in the bioscience community 
    • Opportunities to build mentorship networks within the industry