Scientific writing program

An essential part of scientific training is learning to communicate new findings in manuscripts and theses. But access to scientific writing training, mentoring, and support varies widely, and many early career scientists report a need for more intensive help in developing their skills.

As part of a Burroughs Wellcome Fund Career Guidance for Trainees Grant, the Genetics Society of America and BioKansas have designed a program to provide early career scientists with experience in how to navigate the process of scientific writing—specifically manuscript preparation and thesis writing, delivered using a virtual platform. This enables participation regardless of institutional barriers, geographic location, family care responsibilities, or financial limitations. 

This program is designed to be a new model of scientific writing training for graduate students, postdocs, and newly appointed faculty. The training will be provided virtually through multiple tracks to meet the individual needs of participants. The program provides valuable training and practical experience on how to navigate the process of scientific writing, time management, goal setting, data management, data visualization and more.

The four program tracks are: 

  • Multi-year thesis writing
  • Single manuscript writing
  • Project planning and accountability
  • Abbreviated stand-alone workshops


Participants in the Scientific Writing Program work closely with staff and established investigators to develop realistic goals and plans for their writing projects. Through a series of online training sessions, participants learn strategic ways to tackle common challenges related to scientific writing. As career outcomes for early career scientists are quite variable, this program helps participants gain core professional skills like writing, communication, mentoring, and time management, while not increasing the time it will take to complete their degree.

Applications open in fall 2020

Abbreviated stand-alone workshops

In addition to the multi-month program, there are opportunities for students and postdocs to participate in abbreviated stand-alone writing workshops on various topics.

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