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Community Forum - Cell & gene therapy


The Event

March 25, 2021  |  10-11:30 am (central time)

This event will explore novel new approaches and trends in cell and gene therapy and how growing Kansas City’s bioscience industry will positively impact the regional economy. 

Biologically based drugs and therapeutics now dominate healthcare product growth and its upward trajectory is expected to be rapid and sustained due to the growing understanding of the essential application of cell and gene therapies in the advent of personalized medicine. As the bioscience industry continues to grow, it will become even more nuanced and in demand as we develop additional cell and gene therapies. Because of this, it will become essential to continue applying the most recent biological and technical advancements to support thriving and competitive bioscience companies.

Join our virtual community forum to:

  • Ask direct questions of and connect with industry leaders
  • Learn of the latest advancements in cell and gene therapies
  • Discover how advancements are altering the industry
  • Explore how Kansas companies are advancing and applying cell and gene technologies and products

Meet the Speakers

Trent Armbrust

Director of Strategy, Bioscience and Technology - Kansas Department of Commerce

Heather Decker

Chief Technology Officer - Ronawk, LLC

Sue Behrens

George B. and Joy Rathmann Professor in Bioprocessing and Director - Amgen Bioprocessing Center

Tom Piombino

Vice President, Design - IPS

Kimberly Young

President - KC Animal Health Corridor

Todd Bradley, PhD

Director of Immunogenomics, Genome Medicine Center - Children's Mercy Research Institute

Karthik Ramachandran, PhD

Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder - Likarda

Event Moderators

Jason Collins

Director of Process Architecture - IPS

Komal Hatti, NCARB, MBA, LEED AP

Director, Process Architect - IPS

Sonia M. Hall, PhD

President & CEO - BioKansas

Lynn Villafuerte

Director of Strategic Engagement - BioKansas

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