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Community Forum - Accelerating Biologics: The market landscape and engineering advancements

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The Event

October 21, 2021  |  3-4:30 pm (central time)

This event will explore the engineering advancements and trends in the biologics industry. 

Biologically based drugs and therapeutics now dominate healthcare product growth, and the increase is expected to be rapid and sustained. due to the growing understanding of the essential application of cell and gene therapies in the advent of personalized medicine. As the biologics industry develops more specialized therapies, it will become even more dependent upon innovative technologies and advancements across ancillary industries, including design and engineering, transportation, logistics, and warehousing. Join us to learn about the regional expertise that supports our growing biologics industry. 

Join our virtual community forum to:

  • Ask direct questions of and connect with industry leaders
  • Ask direct questions of and connect with industry leaders 
  • Learn of the latest design and engineering advancements positively impacting the biologics industry 
  • Discover the biologics market and anticipated growth 

Meet the Speakers

Gregg Dougan

Senior Area Sales Director, Life Sciences - Experitec

Lizzie Morrison

Senior Biosafety Officer/Responsible Official - MRI Global

Komal Hatti

Director, Process Architect - Integrated Project Services

Jarrod Wrampe

Team Leader, Biotech Market - CRB

Bob Huebner

Principal Consultant - Latham Biopharm Group

Event Moderators

Sonia M. Hall, PhD

President & CEO - BioKansas

Lynn Villafuerte

Director of Strategic Engagement - BioKansas

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