Community Awards


The Awards


Award nominators and nominees must be active members of BioKansas in good standing. Self nominations are not permitted. 


Previous awardees can be nominated for awards in a different category than their previous award. However, previous awardees are ineligible to receive the same award multiple times. 


Members presently serving on the BioKansas Board of Directors are not eligible to be nominated.


Nominators are required to complete the online form and also provide a copy of the nominee’s Curriculum vitae, biosketch, or resume. Each nomination should include a statement from the nominator that summarizes the nominee’s contributions and impact (500-word limit). All nominations must have a minimum of one additional supporting statement from another BioKansas member (350-word limit) uploaded through the online form. A maximum of three supporting statements can be submitted.

Award Categories


Sunflower Award 

The BioKansas Sunflower Award recognizes a professional whose career reflects major contributions to the growth or sustainability of the bioscience industry within Kansas. 


This award is for individuals with at least 15 years of documented accomplishments in growing or sustaining the bioscience industry within Kansas. The nominations will be evaluated based on the communicated impact on a large number of individuals and organizations. Impact can be demonstrated in the following ways:


  • Programs and projects developed and implemented that have been replicated.
  • Service and mentorship beyond the requirements of the nominees job.
  • Product development and commercialization that has advanced the industry.
  • Presentations and publications that have advanced the field’s body of knowledge.

President’s Award

The President’s Award is given in recognition of exemplary volunteer contributions to BioKansas. Nominations will be evaluated based on the communicated extent and impact of service, outside of the nominee’s normal job duties. Impact can be demonstrated in the following ways:


  • Contributions have advanced the mission of the organization. 
  • Length of service of one year or more.
  • Extent of value and recognition of peers and community leaders.

Workforce Innovation Award

The Workforce Innovation Award is given to individuals who devote the majority of their time developing novel interventions that support workforce growth, retention, or training.


This award has two categories:


  • Teams
  • Individuals
    • Early career – nominees must be less than 10 years since completion of their terminal degree or diploma.
    • Mid career – nominees must be within 10-15 years since completion of their most terminal degree or diploma.
    • Established career – nominees must be more than 15 years since completion of their terminal degree or diploma.


The nominations will be evaluated based on the communicated impact of the nominee’s workforce related contributions. Impact can be demonstrated in the following ways:


  • Programs and projects developed, implemented, and replicated to impact individuals and organizations.
  • Advocacy efforts that have led to improved legislation in support of workforce growth, retention, or training. 
  • Number of individuals served and demonstrated positive outcomes from experience.
  • Economic impact, measured by job growth, increased revenue, improved safety, etc.


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