BUILDING INNOVATION CAPITAL: How to compete in an idea economy



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Individuals and organizations thinking innovatively is essential for leading change and remaining competitive.  

Through a Legacy Sponsorship from Hill’s Pet Nutrition, BioKansas has developed the Building Innovation Capital workshop.  

This workshop equips participants with strategies and teaches techniques to support the development of innovative and creative ideas. To maximize relevance and impact, the workshop also guides participants on ways to foster a culture of innovation within teams. 

Costs & Schedule

$50 non-members | $35 members 

September 23, 2021 
10am – 1pm 
Hill’s Pet Nutrition 
1035 NE 43rd St 
Topeka, KS 66617 

This workshop is for early career professionals who want to:  

  • Improve creative problem-solving 
  • Build confidence in their ability to innovate 
  • Learn strategies to advance ideas 
  • Contribute to a culture of innovation 

The workshop will be held in person at Hill’s Pet Nutrition in Topeka, Kansas. Attendees will have the opportunity to tour Hill’s Pet Nutrition.

Space for this workshop is limited.  

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