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Leadership endeavors provide the ideal learning environment to gain a deeper understanding of policies, culture, project planning, teamwork, time management and more. If you’re looking for a way to set yourself apart and put new skills into practice, this is the course for you!

Member institutions are provided the opportunity to schedule 3 programs a year either virtually or in-person with travel support for their students and postdocs to attend at no cost. Program offerings are also available to any non-member organization for a fee.

BioKansas hosts monthly professional development webinar offerings that students and postdocs from member institutions can attend at no cost. Non-member students and postdocs can register for these webinars at a cost of $15-$25 per session.

All workshops can be tailored for the career level of the audience and the time available.

Completing this course will help you:

Who is the course for?

This course is designed to meet the professional needs of all early career scientists – from undergraduates to postdocs.

Learning Path

This interactive session begins with a case study of an effective outreach program, Kansas DNA Day. Working in small groups, participants identify needs that exist on their campuses and think of ways that professional skills can be developed by graduate students and postdocs through participation in an outreach program. Participants are guided through the development of an implementation timeline and program budget. Individually, participants work to identify resources for funding and share their findings with the larger group. By the end of the session, participants have a basic design, budget, and prioritized action plan to implement a science outreach program.

Participants learn how workplaces that value diversity can create an environment for better productivity and job satisfaction. Participants learn strategies to actively build and contribute to more inclusive workplace cultures.

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