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This series provides early career scientists with an understanding of the types of careers across the state’s bioscience ecosystem and how to navigate the transition from student to professional. 

Member institutions are provided the opportunity to schedule 3 sessions a year either virtually or in-person for their students and postdocs to attend at no cost. Program offerings are also available to any non-member organization for a small fee.

BioKansas hosts monthly professional development webinar offerings that students and postdocs from member institutions can attend at no cost. Non-member students and postdocs can register for these webinars at a cost of $15-$25 per session.

All workshops can be tailored for the career level of the audience and length of time requested.

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Who is the course for?

This course is appropriate for early career scientists from high school through postdoctoral level.

Learning Path

This session begins with participants thinking through the components required for a bioscience community to thrive. They learn about regional assets and investments that make up the Kansas bioscience ecosystem. Participants learn about the major contributions of area companies and local innovative technologies coming out of the startup ecosystem. The session concludes with participants reflecting on what they value most in the bioscience ecosystem, to guide their career planning.

This session takes participants through the steps of how a biological discovery moves into the marketplace. Participants learn about different job roles, typical experience needed, and relevant area opportunities at each step of the process. Participants learn about additional career pathways that support the ecosystem, like science communication, policy, and legal affairs. 

This interactive session begins with participants identifying and discussing their professional strengths, interests, and weaknesses. Participants explore how their personal values and life experiences shape their goals and contribute to career satisfaction. Using the previous discussions and activities, participants design and critically evaluate an action plan to better position themselves for successful career decisions. 


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