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This series advances early career scientists understanding of the importance of developing core professional skills to compete on the job market. As participants progress through the series, they begin gaining a more in-depth exploration to develop core skills.

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Who is the course for?

This course is designed to meet the professional needs of all early career scientists – from undergraduates to postdocs.

Learning Path

This workshop begins by presenting data on in-demand professional skills in bioscience fields and why these skills are critical for career success and advancement. Participants discuss ways to demonstrate these skills in resumes and interviews. They assess their current professional skills and identify opportunities to gain additional experience.

This session familiarizes participants with data on communication skills various organizations seek and assists them in understanding the specific values of effective communication skills for success in diverse careers, career transitions, and advancement. This session also covers how to build and demonstrate effective communication skills.

This workshop covers the importance of effective data visualization, how to choose the right chart for a data type, and best practices for designing charts and tables, including the use of color and chart elements. Participants will work to improve an existing graph or visual and receive tools for creating and improving data visuals.

In this session, participants learn about time management methods, strategies on how to prioritize and organize tasks, and how to set and achieve professional goals.

For this workshop, participants complete an individual development plan prior to attending. In the workshop, participants clarify and identify professional goals based on their skills, values, and interests. They learn strategies for goal setting as well as identify systems for tracking progress towards those goals.

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