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Lean Six Sigma is the gold standard of improvement programs. This training enables organizations to become more productive while also reducing costs. The Lean process emphasizes waste reduction and improved processing speed and Six Sigma stresses an analytical approach for the elimination of defects and reduction of variation. When combined, they can solve organizational problems and improve performance, leading to a competitive edge.  

The BioKansas Lean Six Sigma program is a specialized training for individuals working in the bioscience industry, especially those in diagnostic lab and biomanufacturing roles. Participants gain hands on experience by completing simulations and games that are designed to drive understanding of Lean Six Sigma tools and methodologies.  

Virtual classes focus on gaining a theoretical understanding of Lean Six Sigma tools and methodologies.  

Costs & Schedule

Full day in-person classes begin September 17 and continue for 4 consecutive Fridays (8 am – 4 pm Central time). Space is extremely limited for the in-person sessions. 

Afternoon virtual classes begin September 15 and continue for 4 consecutive Wednesdays (1 – 4 pm Central time). 

Through our partnership with Kansas Manufacturing Solutions, we’re able to provide grant funding to cover the registration costs for a small number of Kansas biomanufacturers. Grant funding is limited to a maximum of three employees from a single company. Additional employees may register at the normal registration cost. 

Inperson program registration: $650 
Virtual program registration: $250 

Space is extremely limited.

Learning Path

Learn about the history and principles behind Lean and Six Sigma and identify how to apply them in your daily routines.  

    • Understand the history of Lean Six Sigma and continuous improvement.
    • Learn how to apply 5S in your organization.
    • Build process maps to understand how items are produced.
    • Identify how supplier, input, process, output, and customers connect.

Identify how to discover, mitigate, and remove waste to deliver high-quality products at a reasonable cost.  

    • Learn how Value Stream Mapping can aid in identifying communication channels and product value 
    • Understand the fundamentals of leading inventory reduction methods to identify the one that will best serve your organization and team 
    • Learn how to incorporate customer expectations and quality parameters 
    • Gain an understanding of project management tools including project charters, RACI matrix, Gantt charting, and more 
    • Understanding the root cause of process inefficiencies is necessary for process improvement and developing standard operating procedures that ensure ongoing success.  
    • Learn approaches and tools to identify and resolve the root cause of problems 
    • Design standard operating procedures to reduce onboarding time 
    • Develop an understanding of how to measure production time and total product cost 
    • Create plans and processes that efficiently enable machine switching 

Organizational buy-in to implement new practices is crucial for success.   

    • Learn how to make permanent changes within your organization to increase and maintain improved production 
    • Learn how to make errors visible during the production process 
    • Develop maintenance plans to keep machines and systems running 

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